5 Best Tonic Waters this summer - Create a refreshing G&T!


Just like artisan gins, premium tonics come in some new exciting flavours, ranging from spicy to herbal, citrusy or fruity.

We've put together some of the best tonic water available this summer, that perfectly accompany a great gin, to create a refreshing G&T for a sunny summer day!


Indi & Co brilliantly combines the flavours of the Mediterranean and Oriental plants to create intense aromas for their premium mixers.

This fruity tonic is created by carefully combining strawberries, lime Kalamansi, cinchona bark and natural elderberry juices.

To make a fruity gin & tonic, pair it with Sikkim Fraise Gin, distilled with orange, summer berries and red tea.


The mission behind Merchant's Heart is to create spirit enhancers, that compliment and elevate the spirits instead of over taking them.

Staying true to their vision to help create "more joyful drinking experiences", the makers of Merchant's Heart bring Bikan Yuso - a sense of beauty and playful imagination - into everything they do!

The Merchant's Heart spirit enhancers are crafted by the very best in the drinks industry, master bartenders and a team of scientists, working together to create the best flavour combinations.

The delicate and fruity Hibiscus Tonic is perfect with a citrus gin such as our August Gin of the Month, Pin Gin.


A delicious new addition to The Gin Parlour range!

The creators of the Luscombe range have a self-declared "obsession with flavour", which is something we can greatly benefit from! This obsession and pursuit for perfection is what drives them to source exceptional organic fruits and use high quality ingredients to create award-winning drinks.

Their fruity Grapefruit Tonic Water is made with Devon spring water, infused with pink grapefruit and Indian quinine. To create a refreshing citrus G&T try it with Thomas Dakin Manchester Gin, distilled with grapefruits, orange peel and liquorice roots. Finally, serve it with a slice of grapefruit.


Missing the beach? Fever-Tree's Mediterranean Tonic brings all the flavours of the seaside into your glass. Flowers, fruits and herbs are gathered from around the Mediterranean shores, their oils are blended with high quality quinine from the fever trees of Congo creating this unique and delicate floral tonic.

Pair this summer tonic water with Lilliput Gin and garnish it with a spring of rosemary to enjoy the true essence of the Mediterranean, Dorset style!


The Distillers range is another new arrival this year and is described as the "distillers' preferred choice", letting you focus on the G and not the T. 

With an eye-catching bottle and a clean and crisp flavour, this tonic water offers you a great experience by enhancing your gin, but with half the calories!

This tonic is only gently carbonated to make a smooth mix that ensures that the gin’s unique character and flavours can be fully enjoyed. Perfect to enjoy a low calory gin and tonic, even if you're focusing on getting in shape for your holidays!


We believe great gins deserve the best tonics, so we're constantly adding to our wide range of tonics! Discover some more new brands and flavours via our Tonics page!

What's more, you can now oder tonics by the case (24 x 200ml bottles) with 15% off the case! Go ahead and mix & match and try something new this summer!