Best Tonic Waters To Try This Autumn


'A good gin deserves a great tonic!' Premium tonics are created to bring out the best from the gin. They are not there to overtake the show, but to enhance it!

The gin boom in the recent years has been met with a fantastic range of top quality tonics and mixers. These premium drinks are created with love and care from hand-picked ingredients and come in a wide range of flavours from classic to herby, floral and fruity.

So whether you're looking for a new experience or trying to find the best tonic for your favourite tipple, here are our suggestions for the best tonics & mixers this autumn.


Herbal tonics are becoming increasingly popular with more and more producers launching their own versions. Fentiman's 19:05 Herbal Tonic is promising a delicate combination of herbal and floral flavours, produced with the classic botanical brewing technique for the best experience.

The Aromatic Tonic Water edition of the popular Fever-Tree range works perfectly with juniper-rich robust gins. The combination of the cardamom, ginger and pimento berry essences work perfectly to bring out the aromatic botanicals from the gin.


When the weather turns wet and cold, our taste changes too, we crave richer flavours and warming spices.

Peter Spanton's No. 5 Lemongrass Tonic is part of their edgy drinks range, adding a spicy top note to a citrus experience. The producers pride themselves on breaking the rules to push flavour boundaries, and we're glad they've dared to do so!

The Licorice version of Ledger's Tonic Waters is here to stimulate your senses and enhance the aromas of your gin. The makers took on the challenge to create a daring and innovative range, fresh and modern tonic waters for those who enjoy the modern concept but appreciate traditional ingredients.


Ireland’s premium tonic makers, Poacher’s has blended their tonic with Florida oranges and Irish rosemary for their fantastic Poacher's Orange & Rosemary Tonic, perfect with citrusy gins.

Double Dutch tonics were created to bring the spirits to life by intensifying their flavours. The Dutch twin makers combined quinine with sweet and sour cranberries and added warming flavours of ginger to create their unique Cranberry Tonic.


A Japanese philosophy is at the heart of every tonic by the makers of Merchant’s Heart, Bikan Yuso - a sense of beauty and playful imagination. Their Classic Tonic Water was carefully designed to compliment and elevate a juniper-led gin. 

The London Essence Company has built a reputation for distilling the true flavour of fine fruits and botanicals. Their Classic London Tonic Water is created by steeping juniper berries for up to a week prior to distillation, to capture the juniper aromatics into an essence, resulting in a delicately light and low calorie tonic.

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