Looking for inspiration? Check out our most popular gins!


Our ever growing gin range now includes nearly 100 artisan gins to choose from. But if you feel a bit unsure which one to try next or just looking for some inspiration, check out our most popular gins! We've rounded up our customers' all time favourites.

Manchester is now proud home to a fantastic range of artisan gins, no wonder three of them have made it to our Top 10!

1. Manchester Gin - Raspberry Infused

The Raspberry edition of Manchester Gin has taken us by storm ever since it was launched last Christmas. Perhaps it's the fantastic fruitiness, the beautiful bottle or the love story behind this award-winning gin that just makes it so irresistible, but our gin lovers just can't get enough of it! 

2. Manchester Gin

Proud to be awarded Gold at the Spirit Business - The Gin Masters Awards. Manchester Gin is a truly Mancunian product, distilled with northern favourites Dandelion & Burdock Root, orange and lemon. Made in the city Seb and Jen live in, met and fell in love in.

To celebrate their recent awards, we are now giving away a free mini Manchester Gin or Raspberry Infused edition with every bottle.

3. Manchester Three Rivers Gin

Handcrafted in Manchester's first ever city centre distillery, bringing the spirit of production back to the city. Three Rivers Gin is smooth with delicate and sweet notes from the vanilla, almonds and cinnamon, but finishing with peppery notes.

Following May's devastating attack, we have chosen this fantastic gin as our June Gin of the Month, and with the help of our customers, we have raised £1,398.55 to support the Manchester Evening News Arena Fund.

4. Brighton Gin 

This refreshing gin from the seaside has always been a popular choice, but Brighton Gin has quickly become the perfect choice this summer with our fab July Gin of the Month offer. Last month we've treated our Brighton gin fans with some freebies, such as Brighton Gin rock, tote bag and our TGP tumbler.

5. Pin Gin

Yes, if you'd like to get your hands on this great Lincolnshire produce, now is the time! Pin Gin is our August Gin of the Month and for the full Lincolnshire experience, we have teamed up with Pipers Crisps to give away two free bags of crisps with every bottle, plus free Fever-Tree tonics.

6. Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz

Recommended for those looking for a unique gin experience! Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz is only produced once a year with Yarra Valley Shiraz grapes. It's bold, rich and quickly became one of the most popular gins! With its aromatic, fruity flavours and sweetness it works perfectly in a summer drink. 

7. Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin is a modern Australian gin from the Yarra Valley. The four pillars are at the heart of everything they do - the stills (Wilma), the water (triple filtered Yarra Valley water), the botanicals (say hello to Tasmanian Pepperberry!) and love (and everyone needs a bit of love).

Award winning gin with refreshing citrus notes followed by peppery warmth from the Tasmanian Pepperberry and richness from the star anise and cinnamon. 

8. Monkey 47 Dry Gin

You probably wonder where the name comes from? Well, to uncover the secret, Monkey 47 is named after Commander Collins of the Royal Air Force, who at the end of the war decided to support the reconstruction of Germany and became devoted to the rebuilding of the Berlin Zoo.  Through this work he came to sponsor monkey named Max. 

The 47 references the number of  botanicals used in this complex gin, including lingonberries, camomile, honey pomelo and grains of paradise. 

9. Pothecary Gin

Created in Dorset in a truly unique way, by distilling each botanicals separately before blending them together for the perfect combination. Distilled with tilia flowers and lavender, the award winning Pothecary Gin is a great choice for those who like floral notes.  

10. 6 O'clock Gin

A refreshing summer gin with a lovely combination of the floral elderflower and citrus notes from the orange peel, 6 O'clock Gin comes in an eye-catching bottle.  It works perfectly with the maker's 6 o'clock tonic, that was carefully designed to match and enhance this great gin.

Is your favourite gin in our Top 10?