Treat yourself to these Spooky Halloween Cocktails


As the horrifying creatures crawl out once again this weekend, we've rounded up the most chilling gin cocktails to turn your evening into a spooky Halloween night.

Black Widow

A dark and mysterious cocktail with sweet and nutty flavours from the combination of sesame syrup, crème de mûre and gin.

Check out the recipe here.

The Red Queen

Inspired by the evil Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, this beautiful but dangerous cocktail bursts with cranberry and elderflower flavours.

View the recipe here

Graveyard Gin Punch

Dark magic using the perfect combination of black Sambuca, blackcurrant puree and gin. A fab spooky treat at your Halloween Party!

For the full recipe, click here.

Red Death

Despite the chilling name, this cocktail is sweet and fruity with berries, pineapple flavours and sloe gin. A great Halloween treat!

Read the recipe here.

Make your own with your favourite gin. Cheers!