#MeetTheMaker - Peter Spanton, Peter Spanton Drinks


In the second of our #MeetTheMaker interviews we had a quick chat with Peter Spanton from Peter Spanton Drinks.


Q: Tell us a bit about you.

A: Born in Hackney,  27 years in the bar business. Starting in 1979 mixing cocktails at London’s Blitz nightclub, 1983 manager of the Fridge Club in Brixton. 1986 - 2006 owner of Vic Naylor’s Bar in Clerkenwell. Currently Creative Director of PSD ltd. 

Q: Why did you start?

A:  In 1999 I stopped drinking. I soon discovered how little there was on offer to a non-drinker who didn’t wish to drink water or children's drinks, apart from Tomato juice or Tonic Water. I wanted to change that.

Q: Tell us a bit about your range and how they’re made.

A: The most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you what to create before you start. What's it actually for, what is it's purpose ? My drinks always have to have a dual purpose, to be delicious on their own and work as mixers. I always have a spirit category in mind but having said that I love it when they are used as ingredients, when people express their creativity and create something beyond ordinary. The actual genesis of the drink actually starts in my kitchen, I really enjoy sourcing ingredients from around the world and combining them on my stove until I have something I'm happy with. Then I take my ideas to a flavour house where they keep an exotic array of natural essences with which I can play until we have the magic number.

Q: What’s your favourite gin?

A: When I drank (and I adored drinking!) the classic G&T had to be Gordon’s and Schweppes (ice no lemon!!)

Q: What is your favourite PS tonic?

A: I like them all but my preferred tonic has to be Nº9 Cardamom. It offers all the things that I found were missing when I quit drinking. It’s a grown up, adult offer. 

Q: What's your favourite (non PS) tonic or mixer?

A: I really like the Italian take on non-alcoholic drinks. I love drinking San-Bitter and Crodino.

Q: What’s the best drink / cocktail you've seen using a Peter Spanton tonic?

A:  Actually I really liked a very simple G&T made by a barman in Madrid. He used Nº9 with a garnish of green apple. It looked and smelt perfect. I also really like the way bartenders are pairing the Nº4 Chocolate with oaked gin.

Peter Spanton No. 9 Cardamon tonic is available from The Gin Parlour for £1.20 and is one of the tonics we’re giving away free with our September Gin of the Month.

Cocktail Suggestions

The folks at Peter Spanton have been kind enough to put together a couple of scrumptious cocktail suggestions for you using their tonics!

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