Uncover The Incredible Stories Behind These Unique Gins


Gin has evolved so much in the recent years. It's not just about the taste anymore, but the quality, the story and uniqueness. Each artisan gin has a different inspiration behind them, which is not only told by the botanicals used to produce them, but their beautifully designed bottles and packaging. 

Whether you're looking to surprise a special gin lover or just treat yourself to a new experience, these unique gins don't just look beautiful, but have a story to tell!


As the name & logo suggest, this unique gin is inspired by the Brindle Cuckoo.

Cuckoo Gin is distilled at the inspiring eco-friendly farm at the stunning rural town of Brindle in Lancashire. Using only locally sourced and grown botanicals to create this ethical handcrafted gin, each byproduct after the process is used in other parts of the farm, nothing is wasted. 

According to the legendary story of the Brindle Cuckoo, the locals believed hearing the first call of the cuckoo meant spring was coming, which started the fertility of the lands. So they decided to capture it in the aim of keeping spring all year around. But the plan was unsuccessful and the cuckoo escaped, and soon became a well known legend in the town.


There is a great cause behind this beautiful gin, One has been selling bottles of water with all profits going back to life-changing water projects in the poorest communities. To date they have helped over 3 million people with over £15 million. 

Their One Gin is inspired by the world for the world. Distilled with botanicals from around the world by award winning Master Distiller Sarah Thompson. Each bottle contributes to achieving the £20 million target for water projects by 2020. One Foundation's mission is simple, to create a world where everyone has access to clean and safe water. A truly special gin, beautifully presented with a great cause behind it! 


Inspired by the timeless beauty of the Dorset Coasts, the makers of Lilliput Dorset Gin wanted to captured the invigorating spirit of summer on the coastline. Everything from the design and the botanicals used, to the way they work with each other aim to bring this to life, whilst staying true to their core values - Quality, Clarity and Escape.

Lilliput Gin brings to life the true essence of summer, by using their very own home-grown organic Rosemary, organic Basil from Egypt, organic Thyme from Spain and organic fresh water fermented Kalamata Olives from Greece.

Their beautiful Limited Edition Lilliput Dorset Gin is distilled with pride for Pride, supporting LGBT charities with £5 from every bottle sold. 


Inspired by the creator's grandfather, who when living in Netherlands, missed the flavours of his native home in Indonesia, so started infusing his Dutch jenever with Indonesian herbs and spices. 

Bobby's grandson Sebastiaan after discovering an old bottle from his Grandfather, decided to bring this fantastic combination back to life and created Bobby's Gin. 


According to the mystical story behind X-Gin, its origin goes way back to the Incas and Mayas, who created a secret recipe with a hint of cocoa for the Kings, Queens and Gods. The 'Xocoatl' aphrodisiac offered long life, passion and intelligence for those who drank it.

This recipe was revived and brought back in the form of this unique gin, for everyone to enjoy. Pure pleasure in your glass!