Visiting Thomas Henry in Berlin


In July we took a quick trip across the channel to Berlin to visit Thomas Henry. Not only is Thomas Henry a young company in Berlin creating great tonics and mixers, but he was also the first person to introduce carbon dioxide into water and create Soda Water. In Manchester to boot. He is the perfect namesake for this company; his Manchester heritage and their fantastic products make Thomas Henry the perfect choice for us.

It was great to meet some of the guys and girls behind Thomas Henry, see their offices and feel their ethos. There’s clearly a lot of passion behind what they do. And they have an in-house bar! Thomas Henry started out wanting to make the best mixers for the best drinks in the world, in the best bars in the world. Now it’s time for people at home to enjoy them too and, as an opening offer, we’re giving four bottles of Thomas Henry Tonic Water away with every order so you can do just that!

The Thomas Henry Bar and Chef de Bar Phum Sila-Trakoon - a cocktail mastermind!

We currently stock Tonic Water, Elderflower Tonic, Cherry Blossom Tonic and Bitter Lemon.

Thomas Henry have recently launched their Light Tonic Water - it will be available from The Gin Parlour soon - in response to demands largely from the UK market that they had one. It hasn’t existed in their range previously as the standard tonic is only 39 calories!

*Main image: Thomas Henry mural made from the caps off TH bottles. (c) The Gin Parlour