Misty Isle Gin 70 cl

Launched in February 2017 and produced by brothers Alistair and Thomas Wilson in Portree at the the only gin distillery on the Isle of Skye.


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Product Description

Misty Isle Gin uses spring water from the Storr Lochs and 11 botanicals (one of which is top secret!). The juniper berries are hand foraged from around the Isle of Skye and slowly distilled in traditional gas fired stills before being vapour infused with the remaining botanicals. The gin is Juniper heavy with subtle hints of citrus, earthy undertones and a hint of spice, with a refreshing after taste.

In creating Misty Isle gin, the brothers took inspiration from the local landscape and the Old man of Storr in particular. The bottle shape represents the elements on the Isle of Skye - the mountainous landscape and turbulent seas. The design of the label is an accurate representation of the Cuillin Mountains. Each bottle is batch numbered and signed by either Alistair or Thomas. Each bottle is unique -  the process used when creating the bottle means that each has a slightly different shape when it cools.

Serve with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water and a twist of fresh orange peel.

Known Botanicals

  • Cassia Bark Cassia Bark
  • Coriander Seed Icon Coriander
  • Cubeb Berries Cubeb Berries
  • Grains of Paradise Grains of Paradise
  • Juniper Berries Icon Juniper
  • Lemon Icon Lemon Peel
  • Liquorish Root Liquorish Root
  • Orris Root Orris Root

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