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Introducing Viaduct

Viaduct is our order and inventory management software that allows you to list your products, manage your orders, and add events, quickly and easily. We've built it from the ground up to ensure you get the best experience possible selling with The Gin Parlour.

How it works

1. Add your product to Viaduct

It only takes minutes to add your products using our order and inventory management system, Viaduct. Just register or login and add the product details and, if not yet setup, configure your shipping options and your product will be active on The Gin Parlour and be ready for purchase ASAP.

2. People Browse and Buy on TGP

Having your product listed on The Gin Parlour adds a further channel to your sales funnel. It will increase product exposure and enable consumers to purchase via a well known and trusted ecommerce site whilst maximsing the profit per bottle to you for selling via a third party.

3. You dispatch order

We send you all the order information so you can send your products out directly to the customer. We can send this per order, in bulk or you can use our API**. We will follow up with customers to make sure they've recevied their delivery and to ask them to leave a review about their experience which will further enhance your TGP listing.

4. We send you payment

We will send payment to you for the order seven* days after the expected delivery day. This allows time for any potential problems to be recitified. We will deduct our fee/s from each payment we send. We may consolidate payments per day or week or by arrangement.

Why you should list with The Gin Parlour

  • No listing or sign up fees
    It costs nothing to register as a distillery or add products to TGP and you only pay when you sell an item. There's really nothing to lose!
  • Maximise your profit
    Our low fixed fee, which includes payment processing fees, makes selling via TGP affordable and can increase your revenue and profit.
  • Be up and running in no time
    It only takes minutes to register and add your distillery and product information. Easily offer product promotions and multiple shipping options.
  • Multiple payment methods available
    Don't restrict customers - accept all major credit & debit cards (Visa, Visa Debit, MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, Amex), PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • Proven ecommerce experience
    We ran TGP as an online store for over a year to give us detailed insight into the requirements and demands of an ecommerce business.
  • Great reputation as online gin destination
    People hold TGP in high regard for the premium products and high quality website and service.
  • Engaged social media followers
    We have a growing number of followers on the three main social media platforms and have an engaged community.
  • Excellent newsletter engagement rates
    Our click through and conversion rates from email newsletters have consistently achieved higher click through rates than the industry average (based on MailChimp reports).
  • Full control of your product listings and distillery profile
    You can manage your product information, images, pricing, shipping options and your distiller profile yourself. There is no limit to number of products you can add.
  • Be listed on our Facebook shop and your own Subject to product approval by Facebook we will automaticlly list your products on our Facebook page shop and on yours.
  • List your products on Amazon
    Add your products to Amazon for free and manage orders in one place. Any changes made on TGP will refelct on your Amazon listing automatically. (Amazon Seller account required and Amazon fees will apply)
  • Independent reviews from customers
    Customers trust reviews from peers on third party review sites. Get your product reviewed on TGP and use our review widgets on your own site.
Create a Viaduct account

One Simple Fee

We will be charging a simple fee per order, to be confirmed. If you register today you'll get six months fee free (excluding payment processing fees).

*Current expected timeframe, may change depending on feedback and logistial restrictions.

**Not all features may be available immediately but will be made available at no extra cost.